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19 September 1977
United Kingdom
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80's fashion, 80's music, 80's toys, afro ken, after 8 mints, alternative fashion, astral projection, beautiful days festival, belle and sebastian, big big big shoes, big hair, big shoes, blythe, blythe dolls, braids, cabbage patch kids, care bears, cheekaboo, cherry coke, chicks on speed, childs play, city of angels, cloth nappies, coca cola, communities, cyber, cyber/goth, cyberdog clothes, dal, dals, deep dish, doll photography, dreads, dreadzone, electroclash, electronica, eskimo, et, fabric, faux fur, felix da housecat, festivals, fire poi, fluff, fraggle rock, fraggles, fruits, funky hair, garbage pail kids, glastonbury festival, glo poi, goth, gothic lolita, gwen stefani, hair, hair dye, hair extensions, hello kitty, high shoes, hippy, incense, incense burners, infected mushroom, japanese street fashion, japanese toys, jesus jones, karl bartos, keypers, kiki, kitsch, kraftwerk, ladytron, le tigre, lee scratch perry, levellers, make up, making clothes, manic street preachers, material, miss kittin, moby, monchhichi, moomins, mr scruff, music, nails, original my little pony, paganism, peaches, permiculture, piercings, pink, pixie sticks, pj harvey, plastic hair, plastic tubing, platform boots, platforms, poi, ponchos, puliip dolls, pullip, pullips, punk, rainbow brite, rentaghost, retro, roundhouses, roving, sewing, shameless, sheep on drugs, skunk anansie, sleater-kinney, snugglebums, sock poi, sphongle, sprites, strawberry shortcake, swear shoes, synthetic hair, take that, tank girl, teletubbies, the beatles, the flumps, the glade, tiffany and chucky, tights, timo maas, tipis, uttam clothes, weston-super-mare, wool hair


Pullips are Love!

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Is Love!

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hey hey hey
im sophie
i have a wonderful husband and 3 rugrats.
im mad freaky bonkers strange weird trippy
but who cares, i like the way i am!!
i love mad wierd funky clothes big hair and humungous shoes!!
i dont like to dress normal!! im forever getting stared at in the street and hear loads people speaking about me but hey thats their tuff shit if they dont like the way i am! but i do get loadsa compliments from people too.but what annoys me the most is being followed round all the shops by the security gurads as they think im up to no good.
i hate people who judge others by the appearance its fucking outta order,what colour you have your hair or how big and pouffy it is,whatever mad high shoes you are wearing and whatever outrageous clothes you are wearing should make no difference about the person you are.
im a total mad funky hair junky!!i love huge big extensions and i love fucking huger massive humungous shoes!and alternative clothing anything thats fun and outrageuos i just love it.i dont have a style as such. but i love fruits anything cybery and gothic lolita.and course loadsa other stuff too.

i ama huge take that fan,ive loved them for 16 years now and cos of the way i dress etc people cannot believe im a take that fan!!but i love 'em!!
i lead a pretty normal life and love making things wheni manage to get some free time.

im very open minded and laid back,people should just chill! i love meeting new people and making freinds.

i love loadsa different things,especially cute stuff.
the moomins they absolutely rock, (original moomins)
i just love interesting things,things that are different (like me then!lol)i adore blythe dolls and pullip too,even though im yet to get a pullip but i need one.

im laid back easy going and i love meeting new people,
im different to most of my friends so it would be great to speak to people just like me!!!!i just love wacky hair and weird and wonderful clothes!!!

i love loadsa different kinds of music but here's a few of me faves (in no particular order) infected mushroom,lee scratch perry,miss kittin,sphongle,dreadzone,mr scruff,chicks on speed,ladytron,haldolium,le tigre,astral projection,manic street preachers,skunk anansie,take that, kraftwerk,pet shop boys,goldfrapp and theres absolutely loads more and loads and loads more!lol

a lot of my entries are now going to be friends only,so comment if you want me to add you

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